Friday, April 13, 2012

Clarity of Passion

Give to me the clarity of passion
For it is when you come near me that
I am most my true self,
In essence
the girl
Who belongs to others,
Who comes home,
Always a part of something else that defines her
As easily as breathing
Unburdened by the tethers because it’s a time before I knew tethers existed.
Come near me.
Let me forget for a moment, the world and all I must do.

Give to me the clarity of passion.
Make me angry until there’s no hope
Until I’m
Until I have had enough
Until you think that spark is done.
You are wrong.
It will change; it will transform
It will ignite again from the tinder, from what you think you’ve weakened
Anger me.
I will set straight what I unwittingly let you change.

Give me the clarity of passion.
It is then I most easily find my true self.
Resilient and clear.
Cold as the rolling waves.
Burning at the core.
I can come to you
Or I can choose to go.

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