Tuesday, January 18, 2011


She didn't think anyone saw... She lifted the teacup and flicked her tongue against the glaze to dab the drip there just before bringing the cup against her lip for a sip. A slight gesture indicating she savored it. But he saw it. She knew he did because his eye sparkled when she looked up. And now, after smiling that smile, he moved across the room toward her. Stopping here, there for small talk. They both knew he was plotting a line for her.

All because of a quirk, a flick of the tip of her tongue while she savored her tea.

Today, years later... Now that he was gone, she paused at that drip on the side of the cup and remembered his eyes sparkling, his arms around her, his smell... she shivered, put the cup back down not having had more, gathered her things, and gaze low, traced a line away.