Sunday, February 26, 2012

Don't look.

She coughed, sat there for a few seconds; then, grabbed her napkin, took out the glob of gunk in her mouth, and looked at it. And you? Sandwich in your mouth, looked over her shoulder and saw it all. I held your hair and rubbed your back as you wretched because some things can't be unseen. You have to learn not to look, I said. I shook my head, Don't look.

Dog Euthanizer

Consider the person who euthanizes healthy dogs because they care. Doesn't he/she end up attached to one? Then will the euthanizer of healthy dogs still euthanize that one? Yes. Frankly, Yes. For, just as the dog has its nature, so too does the euthanizer have his/her nature and further, his/her profession.