Sunday, November 16, 2008

To Be First

I am sick of being last.

I am sick of being second.

from kickball to the absolute furthest thing in my parents minds
- Sick of it

what ever the reason!
kids will be kids
a-dults concerned with a-dult issues

I'm an afterthought.

I have a roof over my head and rings on my fingers
- it does NOT give you permission...

and, when I beg, and when I plead to be heard and am ignored
- what do you want me to do?

you choose your values it's not me... it's not us

don't you Dare to be surprised when loneliness guides me into someone else's arms

- I'm a one man kinda girl - ambiguity tears me up - yes, I KNOW it.
- I'm not made to be in limbo - it's just a truth - one foot is out the door.

I stand here, clutching my robe open in the front, make up from the night before still fresh, standing tall, desired and admired... hearing the horrible things you have to say, begging you to stay... because I'm your wife... I'm your wife! and you think I'm not enough.

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