Thursday, August 19, 2010

Feeding Poetry

[This began with an excerpt from one poem and fed into other ideas. Printed with the permission of the other poets btw. Enjoy!]

Sam Sax (excerpt)

Your body is no temple for a temple
is nothing when not filled with song
you are always filled with song
a block party
circle of poets
bottle of spirits
and a mouthful of sage
you are a body, little more than anybody

Rajshree Chauhan
"We disappear"

But your body couldn't be my temple
empty until filled with dance
I am always filled with dance
moving light
circle of drums
trance of mind
I become nobody, faceless, soulful...
we disappear *

Russell Goodman
your body is a body not your own but in your possession temporarily, perhaps

Your body is a body is a body is yours,
for love and life
Dionysian spirits and sage
filled with song
full of dance
drums of the heart
ocean of the blood
stream in your ears
the ring as you fall to sleep,
your own Aphrodisian love.

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