Saturday, November 17, 2007

Do I love you?

Do I love you?

God it's quiet here. Peaceful even…

The wind blowing the clouds.
Not a thing of men: music, speech, activity
Ah but for the plane!

The plane that carries men
To their destinations
Men's destinies


We choose
So important in this world
Where nature

Nature is first
Choice is intent
Choice belongs to men

I choose you
But was it choice??
To love you.

The plane is gone
Cars whisper in the distance
It's quiet because I'm alone

The clock tocking
On the wall
Counting our march onward

To death

What is silence?
Absence of man?

Death chooses us
I did not choose to die
What is choice?

What is love?
A manmade construct
That exists only with man?

Do I love you?
Only if I choose to

And, my choice? My destiny?
Is… breath

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