Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dog Euthanizer

Consider the person who euthanizes healthy dogs because they care. Doesn't he/she end up attached to one? Then will the euthanizer of healthy dogs still euthanize that one? Yes. Frankly, Yes. For, just as the dog has its nature, so too does the euthanizer have his/her nature and further, his/her profession.


Matt D said...

It's a long story, but we had a stray cat give birth to kittens in our yard -- in the end only one was left, and it cried for an entire day and entire night, having been abandoned by the mother and the rest.

Finally I called city hall and asked them if they had a service that took in stray cats -- I figured as this was a kitten it'd have a chance at finding a home before the put it to sleep.

They said to call back after it had died and they would clean it up for me.

I finally gave in, started feeding the kitten and then luckily found a home for it.

I sprinkle white vinegar around the house a little now, the neighborhood stray cats don't like its smell and stay away ... I don't want have to deal with another abandoned kitten again.

What a close call ...

Rajshree Chauhan said...

That's terrible, Matt! They wanted to wait until the kitten died :( I just saw the movie called "Disgrace" with John Malkovich. The nature of man and colonialism were big themes. This piece is more about the nature of creatures and professions... I was thinking more about this and may expand the piece a little.