Sunday, November 16, 2008

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Yesterday... I was pretty. They dressed me up and took my picture. They wanted to put me in magazines and on the runways. They told me I was too fat at 107 lbs. They ignored me. They raped me. No one was able to change the person that I was. I had my own thoughts and explored the world in my own way.

Today... I am beautiful. I dress myself. I see the girls in the photoshoots and I feel sad for them. I take pictures for myself to remember what I have. I am healthier. They notice and flock to me. They admire me... But, they fear me and thus will not touch me. Only I can change the person that I am. I still have my own thoughts and explore the world in my own way.

Tomorrow... I will still be beautiful - in a different way. I will pity the young who look down on me - they still need to prove in pictures that they exist. I will admire the strong and try to help the weak-minded. I will help those who need to learn to fly and be admired. I will teach them not to be feared through kindness. I will guide them to find their own unique thoughts... That will be my legacy. I'll no longer care what they do to me. Surely I'll be replaced... That's the nature of the thing.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, I stumbled across your poetry via your Twitter page. I was very impressed by your writing, it's very lyrical and emotionally direct without being overly florid or sentimental. Keep up the good work.